So who is the Token Dude?

Recent events have proverbially broken my last straws – so I’ve decided to get my hands in blogging!

The Token Dude has often found himself to be the token, lonesome guy in many instances- usually as the token Asian at workplaces and even churches across the North Island in New Zealand. There was this one time when he went into a mega-church with 200+ middle-class Caucasians. Sometimes he feels like being a token Christian apologist in many Christian settings even just purely due to the fact that there simply isn’t many Christian around in NZ with a keen interest in apologetics.  And within the already-scarce population of Christian apologists in NZ he is a Molinist… He also has an interest in airsoft – and with a sport that has a participation rate of ~ 1000 in a population of 4 million, want to guess how he feels when he tells people what he does as a hobby?

So yeah. That’s me. An Asian dude with an engineering degree with weird interests. As good Calvinists would say, I have no say in the matter, God made me that way.

I want to create this blog for a few reasons: to chart down my various musings and thoughts on Christian Apologetics in New Zealand. While I am doing that I may also choose to dabble into areas of my interest. But this site will primarily  serve as an accessible site for me to note down apologetic topics that I feel would be useful for myself as well as others in the future.


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